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Anna's Big Fish May 2010

Anna with a Big Smile after Landing a Nice Bass

The Florida Bass Fishing website provides tips, techniques, fishing gear and lake map information for all the bass fishermen who want to do more catching instead of fishing. I have fished central and south Florida lakes for over 25 years and still enjoy fishing these terrific lakes. The bass fishing tips and techniques on this site have been personally used during tournaments and bass fishing outings. They are tried and true methods that have worked for me and should work for you!  These methods have worked not only in Florida but in states as far north as Michigan.

This site is packed with proven tips, some great fishing gear as well as lake maps that can really improve your catch rate for the Florida largemouth bass. In fact I have fished several Michigan lakes and have had great success using the same techniques there. Many other sites will simply link you to some old articles for tips or some commercial map site that won't give you specific locations to fish. Examples of some of our fishing tips are how to fish hydrilla, Kissimmee grass, and catch schooling fish. This site also emphasizes specific lures to buy rather than just generic offerings and how to choose them. Florida bass fishing techniques shows "how to" methods for flippin', pitching, casting as well as how to fish different types of structure.


Features in Florida Bass Fishing:

The right tackle and lures are a must for any fisherman to have success. Equipment for bass fishing varies from light spinning tackle to the heavy duty flippin' rods. This site provides the tournament and novice bass fishermen knowledge on what to use in specific fishing conditions as well as when to use them.

What's the use of good fishing tackle, a great bass boat and good techniques without knowledge of the water you are fishing? Check out the lake maps on the sister site, South Florida Bass Lakes, for proven locations and methods to catch the Florida largemouth.

If you are still not having any success with the tips or hot spots then you need to check out the Florida Bass Fishing Guides page. The guides listed on this page are highly recommended and will give you the best chance on catching that bass of a lifetime!

So before you go out to your favorite central/south Florida bass fishing lake, come back to this this site so you can do more catching with less fishing!


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Women Enjoy Bass Fishing Too!

Big Bass Lake Manatee

Nice Bass Caught on Carolina Rig in Manatee County Florida May 2010

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