Best Spinning Reel for Bass 2019/2020

Best Spinning Reel for Bass 2019/2020

​If you have decided on buying a new spinning reel for bass fishing then chances are you are looking to throw some lighter lures.

A casting setup is no doubt superior when it comes to throwing larger lures like deep diving lures crankbaits or big spinnerbaits.

But it is on lighter bass tackle setups where a spinning rod and reel really start to shine.

The best spinning reel for bass is one that can make pin point accurate casting when using light gear but also have enough power in the drag to steer a bass clear of any thick cover.

What Size Spinning Reel for Bass?  

The best size spinning reel for bass will be either a 2000, 2500 or a 3000 sized reel all of which should be able to hold 120 yards of 8 lb monofilament at a minimum.

The exact choice of size will depend on your lure, line and rod choices.

For example if you are using small/medium sized spinnerbaits in and around thick weed cover then I would choose a 3000 size spinning reel, a medium/heavy power rod and line roughly about 10 to 12 pounds in breaking strain for monofilament or 20 lb braid..

Conversely if you are using small soft plastics/swimbait or a drop-shot/wacky rig then I opt for a size 2500 spinning reel a medium power rod and 8 lb mono or 15 lb braid

​A size 2500 reel is actually a really great all rounder, capable of handling larger lures whilst still giving decent casting performance of finesse style baits.

​The best spinning rods for bass will usually cost a lot less than a high end reel. Rods break all the time but a quality reel is an investment that should easily last 10 years with proper use and maintenance.

Best Spinning Reel for Bass 2019/2020

1. Abu Garcia Revo 2

2. Shimano Stracic Ci4+

3. Pflueger Supreme XT

4. Daiwa Fuego

5. Shimano Stratic BG

6. Penn Battle II

7. Okuma Trio

​Spinning Reels for Bass

When choosing the right bass spinning reel there are a number of important factors to consider.

Although the list below is not exhaustive it does covers all of the important features that you need to be aware of.

​If you stick to the major spinning reel brands like Shimano, Abu Garcia, Okuma, Penn and Pflueger you really can't go wrong.

Most brands will have an introductory value spinning reel that is fine if you are not doing a lot of fishing.

​For me the best value is in the mid-range price point. Can you buy a good spinning reel for bass under 100 ? Sure but it i in the 100-300 range that you get much smoother performance and higher quality materials.  


Drag is arguably one of the most important features on any reel. A good drag system allows you to safely tire a fish without seizing under pressure.

For a spinning reel I'll always favor a front drag system. This design allows for much larger drag washers than a rear drag system.

A well sealed drag is very important in protecting the internals of your reel and it one of the most important parts when it comes to maintenance.

The better the seals and the higher the quality of the washers and bearings then the smoother the reel will be.

For bass you'll need a drag that is rated in the 8 - 12 pound range. 

​Gear Ratio

Gear ratio has a direct affect on the retrieve rate of your reel when combined with the circumference of the spool.

For bass I'd stick to a 6.0:1 gear ratio. This is a nice compromise between speed and the ability to use lighter lures and bass rigs for more finesse applications.

Internal Gearing

Gearing on a spinning reel requires the use of very precise machine cutting to get super tight tolerances. These gears need to be serviced every few years to make sure that the reel grease and lubrication are free from grit and fresh.


Although graphite was the go to material twenty years ago today it has been superseded by aluminum, carbon fiber blends and other such exotic materials.

The more rigid the reel body and casing are the better througher the gears will run. Under high load a cheap reel will war or flex which can result in the reel jamming.


As mentions above a 2500 sized bass spinning reel is an ideal size. For really light work you can drop down to a size 2000.

It is very rare to ever see a bass fisherman use anything smaller.


​The easier the line flows off of your spool the longer and more accurate your casting will be.

High quality spools usually have a lot of design time and testing to find the optimum shape of the spool lip.

Some spools will come as braid ready which means you do not require the use of backing before you attach the braid.